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Daisuke Kazuki Bio


Name: Daisuke Kazuki

Age: 21

Gender: Male


(to be revealed. Too lazy to think of anything rn)

Powers and abilities:

Alternate crown

It sorta like a force inside a persons body that manifests as an ability depending on which part of you do you your feelings flow the strongest. If say for example your feelings flow around your head the ability manifests that allows you to use your brain in some unique way.

Alternate crown: Emperors heart
The main ability of Emperors heart is to borrow the the abilities of anyone once he understands that persons heart completely. It also helps connect to other people and understand them better. The person using this ability shoulders the feelings of all those that he has a connection with, that's why only those with exceptional will and heart can wield this ability for long as anyone weaker would succumb to the wight.

(further abilities will be gained later on, that is if this character even go anywhere)

base stats:
DC/AP: solar system
Speed: 10 faster than light
Durability: Solar system+

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