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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Message from above

After a long travel, about 3 weeks, the messager finally arrives on earth.

"Huh. 3 weeks. I really need to work on my speed." he thinks to himself only to realise he is in the middle of the street.

"Get off the road!"

"Move it!"

"Move your ass you idiot!"

The sharade continued for about a minute or two till the messager finaly got off the street. After that he started walking towards the school where Kevin and Aizawa both are at the moment.

"What as it that All Father said." the messager sais as he recalls what All Father said to him before he left.

"Before you go tho there is something you should know"

"Yes,  All Father?"

"Once you get to the earth your power will be halved"

"Wait what?"

"Bye" All Father says as he sends the messager off to earth.

 It was a long walk but the messager finaly got to the school Kevin was going. He stepped up to the school gate.

"Wow so this is how their schools look. It's been a while since i've been to earth" the messager thinks to himself as he stares at the school building.

Meanwhile Kevin and Aizawa are walking out of the school and through the gates. As they are doing so they are also having a conversation about Kevins newly found powers.

"So what you're saying is that you suddenly felt a burst in streangh and that allowed you to win the tournament"

"Aparently so" Kevin responds

"It is your god powers awakening" the messager interrupts.

Both Aizawa and Kevin give messager a weird look.

"Did they seriously just ignored me?" the messager says to him self.

 Meanwhile Aizawa and Kevin continue their conversation, completely ignoring the messager.

"Oh I know."

"Yeah? What is it Kev?"

"But lets go to my place first" Kevin suggests.

"Sure, whatever"

The messager still tries to follow them but they disappear around the corner.

"Damn it! Now they're gone."

The messager sighs as he calms down

"Ok looks like im going to have to do it the hard way"

The messager prepares to run at full speed and then.....charges off, running around the entire city looking for the them.

"I will search this city as many times as it takes. Im not about to give up."

the streets suddenly start blazing yellow as the messager runs, going through every corner, every little street, and every alley.

Mean while...

"Ok so whats your big plan Kevin?" Aizawa asks with a raised toneas if he was in a hurry or something.

"Our plan is simple. Theres "Show of streangh" contest held in the in the city. My plan is for us to enter to easily win some prizes"

"Theres a certain term for it and its called cheating"

"Oh come on Aizawa grow some balls"

"Fine..." Aizawa excepts reluctantly

"Then lets go"

They both travel to the contest area in some...park....I dont remeber, dont ask.

"we're here"

As both of them enter various competitions, with Aizawa taking an easier aproach than Kevin who just goes on wrecking everithing and stacking prizes, various degrees of carnage began and by the time they were done weeeeell...

"You think we did well?" Aizawa asks Kevin

"Everything went swimingly"

Aizawa and kevin wak out of the place in slow motion giving each other a brofist  while also carying a shit tone of prizes. Later in the evening they split up and both went home when suddenly Kevin is greeted by the messager who was about to pass out from all the running

"Finaly...found you.....all this...running...oh god...I...think...I'm gonna pass...out"

"This guy. Did he ran around the town. He wen all over the place looking for me..."

With firm steps and a smile in his face Kevin comes closer to the messager

"Very well. I'll listen to what you have to say" Kevin says to still panting messager

"Really? I though...you would be harder to...convince"

"What is your name?" Kevin calmly asks

"The name's Ace"

To Be Continued...


An now for a word from the author

Did you miss me ya wankers?! Ok jokes and references aside Hello fado41 here and thanks for reading. This chapter took a bit longer to make. Why? Because well i got held up by studies. Anyway hope to see next chapter if anyone's even reading this shit.

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