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Chronicles of Infinity. Intro + chapter 1

       Prologue/intro thing or something like that

I’m sure most of you heard of a multiverse theory. Yeah you know, how there are infinite amount of universes and stuff like that. Enter universe number E25…uhhh something-

“So you don’t know, do you?” a younger voice interrupts

“Oh just shut up”

Anyway… What if I told you there exist a dimension in space where gods reside? I’ve probably lost some of you by now-

“including me” the same young voice interrupts once more

“Dan! Would you stop that already” our “narrator” shouts angrily

….awkward silence ensues…

“So are you going to continue or what?”

“No Dan, no I will not”

“And may I ask why?”

“Because I forgot the lines”

“Ooook lets just go then” Dan says as they both get ready to descend back to earth
“Yeah sure, whatever”

after a short pause our so called narrator and his friend proceeds to land on some buildings somewhere in Japan…

“So why are we here?” Dan asks

“You see that kid over there?” points to a happy-go-lucky kid chatting with his friends, about to leave for school

“yeah, so?” the young boy responds

“His name is Kevin. He recently moved to Japan because his parents dragged him along with them”

“How do you even know that?” Dan raises an eyebrow

“Oh I can tell you an entire story about this kid because in truth… that kid…used to be me”

The name is Kevin Crow also known as Fado
age – 21
Ocupation – Currently a god and a defender of the multiverse
and this. This is a story of my path to becoming something more than what I used to be
…a story of my way to infinity

                            Chronicles of Infinity

Chapter 1: In the backyard, where it all began

Name: Kevin Crow

Age: 16

Occupation: High school student

19:45 pm

Kevin is sitting in his home playing video games when suddenly...



"What the hell was that?" He startles as he sees a big ass crystal in his back yard, so he goes to tell his mom

"Mom did you hear that?"

"hear what hun?" she says after taking off her earphones

"you know what never mind" 

Kevin runs into the backyard once again seeing the giant crystal


It was massive roughly the size of a cargo ship. It radiated a strange waves making the atmosphere around it feel warm, ambient but at the same time eerie. As you stand near it you could feel the energy pulsing towards you simultaneously drawing you towards it.
Kevin suddenly starts feeling those same effects, getting drawn into the thing, moving closer and closer to it.

"what happens...if i....touch it?" he thinks to him self

He places his palm against the crystal. A large wave of energy ripples trough the area and then...

"what the hell just happened?"

The crystal is nowhere to be found, nothing round him has changed and no one even noticed anything

The next day...

"what the hell happened yesterday? I cant seem to make anything of it"

Kevins mother comes into his room...

"dinner's ready come down stairs"

"k mom"

The rest of the day goes by without any trouble as it normaly would. Kevin goes outside, hangs out with his friends, comes back home aaaand you get the picture


"Allfather! I have brought you news from earth"

"speak messager"

"The crystal of infinity that landed on earth has been absorbed"

"By who?!" a shadowy figure on the right side of Allfather asks

"Now now Chronos. Dont get so worked up. I'm sure he was fated to have that power if he could see the crystal"

Allfather turns his attention back to the messager

"Go to him"

"Pardon my lord?" the messager asks, flustered

"He alone will never be able to awaken his powers. That is why you are needed."

Allfather and the messager exchange looks...

"I understand. I shall go right away"

The messager heads out

Meanwhile back on earth...

"Well would you look at that they're holding a mini martial arts tournament in our gym on friday" Kevin says to him self as he reads the announcment from the notice board"

"Talking to himself as usual I see"

"Put a sock in it Aizawa"

"So you plan on entering?" Aizawa asks

"I dont see why not. Sounds like fun. Arent you signing up?"

"Are you kidding me im a man of science this brutish sport doesnt interest me in the slightest" Aizawa responds with smirk on his face"

Name: Satoshi Aizawa

Age: 16

Occupation: high school student

Special trait: being a cocky jerk

Friday on that same week...


The school gym...

"And now stepping to the ring Kevin Crow, a
nd his opponent is Okubo Sanzo"

"Just your typical tough guy huh?" Keving wonders to himself

"This guy is my oponent? Heh this is gonna be a cake walk" Sanzo thinks to himself as he strikes a very typical (rapey) grin

With both fighters in the ring the fight comenceses however... 

"I'm sorry but...i just feel very eager to fight you. So lets get this over with"

Kevin takes a stance and does his opponent. In Kevin's mind however...

"Wait! What am i doing here? eager to fight? Me? Someone who has never fought or trained in his entire life? and what is this strange feeling? As if im stronger all of the sudden. I dont know what to make of this so for now...I'll just let instinct do its thing"
"This may very well be the first time in my life that i have been excited about something. Every cell in my body scream out of joy, as if i was waiting for this. Is this what it feels like to be in a fight?"

Both Sanzo and Kevin match each other blow for blow

"This feeling again. Yes! This IS what I've been looking for!"

Kevin readies a final punch and in just a split second he punches his opponent out of the ring.

"Winner!" announcer shouts at the mic 

From that day on my-I mean this young mans life would start to shift its coarse spiraling towards the infinity as the first drops of his power are finaly unleashed

To Be Continued...


And now for a word from the author

Hello there readers, my name is Fado...41. I know I know naming the main character after my self, how dear I? But hey my story so... Anyway i present to you the new series im writing. This is merely the begining so i will say stick around to this epic journey, but hey you are a free man as they say so i will leave that decision up to you. Until the next chapter and thank you for reading

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