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Kouen Ren Alter bio

Name: Kouen Ren

Gender: Male

Age: 829


Kouen is a tall and well-built man, with narrow red eyes and red hair that is tied back into a topknot. One of his most notable features is his goatee, which he is proud of. He has thin eyebrows and wears some eyeliner around his eyes. On his head, he wears a small Chinese headdress with a yellow gem in its center. He dons traditional clothes that are mainly red, white and black in colour along with a black flowing cape. The maroon belt he wears has a golden ornament of a beast on it. He always carries his Metal Vessels with him, which consists of a sword, a hilt ornament attached to it and a metal pauldron on his right shoulder, which resembles the head of a lion.


This Kouen Ren is an this universes alternate Kouen Ren that was banished from his kingdom by his own father who feared of losing all his power to his son this early due to Ren quickly amassing so much power forcing Ren to wonder the world on his own for 800 years. everything else pretty much follows as it did in the original universe. Kouen is the eldest son of the first Emperor's younger brother, Koutoku Ren. Kouen and his younger brother, Koumei are full-blooded siblings, having being born from the same mother. By the age of five, Kouen has already gotten interested in history. He began to observe and study war when he was eleven. He conquered both of the 2nd and 29th Dungeons when he was only sixteen, obtaining his first and second Djinns, Agares and Astaroth. During that time, he fought together with Emperor Hakutoku and Princes Hakuyuu and Hakuren in order to unify the Eastern Plains. After the death of the first Emperor and his heirs in a fire, Kouen's father became the second Emperor, making him the First Imperial Prince. Kouen conquered the 37th Dungeon and obtained his third Djinn, Phenex when he was twenty-two years old. By then, he also started his very own war campaigns. He was present with his brother, Kouha when he obtained his Djinn, Leraje.

Powers and abilities.

Ren's main arsenal is his 3 jinn and his reality marble, as well as his inhuman skill with a sword.

His Jinn are as follows:

Astaroth: Kouen's most used vessel. Kouen can equipAstraoth, which then gives Kouen an overall increase in power, flight and fire attributes and fire and heat absorption.
  • Explosive Sword: His sword explodes and implodes whatever it strikes.
  • Extreme Magic: A metal vessel user's strongest attack.
  • Astor Inqerad (Flying White Flash Dragon from Purgatory): Kouen summons a giant white dragon that has inextinguishable flames.

Agares: Kouen's second vessel. Kouen can equip Agares, which then gives Kouen an overall increase in power, flight and earth attributes.

  • Earth Manipulation: Kouen can manipulate the earth to throw massive pillars or shoot out large earth spikes
  • Volcanos: Kouen can pull out earth pillars that can create volcanoes with Agares that cause massive damage and also work as great recharger for his fire based vessel.

Phoenix: One of Kouen's vessels. There isn't much known about this metal vessel other than it can heal and has the ring of admonition.

  • The Ring of Admonition: Using Phenex's power Kouen puts inside the targets body an Egg that is warmed by targets bloodlust. In the moment enemy has concrate intention and confidence, the egg cracks to create magic ring around his head and isolate bloodlust from his body. If the target is trying to move while the nerves are being sealed the curse may leave him into agony
  • Organ/Limb Transfer: Kouen can transfer organs or limbs from one person to another

Ren's reality marble:

Unlimited Blade Works: Infinite Creation of Swords (無限の剣製アンリミテッドブレイドワークス, Mugen no Kensei Anrimiteddo Bureido Wākusu, localized as "Universe of Endless Blades") is the Reality Marble of Ren. It is a high-class thaumaturgy that embodies their internal worlds and imprints them upon the World as a Bounded Field for a short amount of time. It is their one true specialization of magecraft, the result of "Sword" being both their Origin and their Elemental Affinity, and the basis of their projection and reinforcement skills. It is the definite answer obtained by someone whose life was saved by a sword, actually merged and lived with a sword, and acted as a sword all of his life. A magus who specialized in forging swords over one's entire lifetime while struggling to arrive at this one land very far to them. 
The Reality Marble's purpose is a steel manufacturing factory that produces the countless famous swords that are without their owners, extending into the horizon. It contains all of the raw materials and sorcery needed for the formation of the weapons, and it records and analyzes all weapons and defensive armaments encountered by the user. The number of unique weapons encountered and recorded by Archer exceeds numerous thousands, most of which are Noble Phantasms each possessing deadly powers. Their entire histories, compositions, and designs are all perfectly recorded, allowing for instant proficiency with the weapons by inheriting all combat skills and techniques utilized by their original owners. This allows for the reproduction of Noble Phantasms, which would generally be impossible for a faker.
Close combat weapons such as swords, spears, and halberds are the main focus of the Reality Marble, which also makes it impossible to record or reproduce modern weaponry like guns and other mobile weapons. Shields and defensive armaments can be reproduced with a much greater struggle as the cost in magical energy is high, two or three times greater than a sword, and the effects are merely transient compared to the originals. Weapons encountered are immediately analyzed with a single glance, enabling them to be projected immediately afterwards, and once projected, they are stored within the Reality Marble for later use.
The analysis of weapons is limited only to the direct use of human senses, meaning that blueprints and materials will be unable to provide the necessary information for a proper analysis. Shared memories, such as dreams shared with a Servant, can allow for weapons to be analyzed and projected, even if they have been lost like Caliburn. The quality of projected weapons will always be degraded by one rank due to humans being unable to fully conceptualize the existence of an object through only one sense, and they will never equal the originals without a technique such as detonating them as Broken Phantasms.
Without being deployed, the Reality Marble allows for projection and reinforcement in the real world. Weapons are produced within Unlimited Blade Works and then brought into the world, greatly lowering the cost of reproducing them and allowing for numerous weapons to be prepared at once to be projected. Weapons can be summoned directly to the user's hands, or they can be summoned to levitate within the air and fire upon the enemy as arrows much like the Gate of Babylon. Once the Reality Marble is deployed, all of the weapons are available for use without the need to project them from scratch as they are physically there in the Reality Marble, and any weapon can immediately be called to the user's hands, pulled from out of the ground, or levitated even while the user is in direct combat. The weapons reproduced once the Reality Marble is first activated will not consume magical energy, but those used or destroyed within it will add to the cost of maintaining the Bounded Field. The amount of energy used to reproduce weapons that did not exist after the Bounded Field was expanded and the amount of energy used to recreate weapons destroyed while it is activated is extremely costly.


DC: Continent buster|Possibly life wiper Due to to unlimited blade works
Speed: high relativistic
DC: Continent level

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