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Xeno Hyde bio


                                Xeno Hyde

Hyde (last name unknown) pretty much had a normal childhood up until the age of 7 until his father was forcefully recruited to handle the nightmare beast problem and went MIA. His mother out of grief took her own life and having left an orphan Hyde was captured and became a test subject for Vatican's research branch located not far from there. So far the his back story doesn't stray from original (new age) Hyde. however this is where the similarities end. After wondering in some unknown forest being chased by one of the operatives from Vatican after escaping their research facilities at the age of 11 he is saved by one of the members of the mysterious organization called Hyper Providence. The man swiftly drove back the agent and helped Hyde escape. After everything has settled he helped Hyde recover and slowly got the boy to open up about what happened to him and so on. The man sensed the strange and  immense power of Tachyon Dragon inside the boy and hence convinced the boy to undergo training with him. After two years of training he was invited to join Hyper Providence in which time he continued his training as well as undergoing missions from them. To explain a little about Hyper Providence it's a shadow organization that is very similar to the time patrol. Think of them as the black ops of the time patrol. currently the only one who is aware of this organization is Chronoa. each member is carefully selected and groomed to be powerful to undertake missions even most S class would touch. 10 years later when Hyde hit 21 he decided to leave the group and strike out on his own. However it's not that easy. To maintain it's secrets one of their members was sent out to eliminate Hyde and it was none other than his own master, the one person that picked him up and helped him get where he is now. After an emotional and grueling battle Hyde won but at the cost of his master's life. His master's last action was informing that Hyde was eliminated. Some time after that battle Hyde decided to join the time patrol and so this brings him to the now.

                                    Powers and Abilities

Immense physical stats: Even without his powers Hyde is an incredibly powerful fighter possessing stats well beyond what should be humanly possible. He was able to fight off and survive against a massively stronger foe at the age of 11, fight for days on end, shrug off even the grievous of injuries, was able to swap hands with his master in physical combat to name a few examples. It was speculated by the leader of the Hyper Providence that due to experiments done to him his limiter may have been removed altho this was never fully confirmed. 

Swordsmanship prodigy: At an early age he was already shown to be able to pick up and use a sword to an unnatural degree and his skill only grew the more battles he was in. His sword style along with his techniques were all created on the fly and polished mission by mission to the point that even the leader himself commended Hyde for his skill and said that his skill alone makes him a worthy member.

Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon: Hyde was born with an incredibly powerful and ancient being inside him - Tachyon Dragon, giving him the ability to manipulate tachyons and use their properties to make himself one of the fastest and most dangerous people in Hyper Providence.

His abilities granted by Tachyon manipulation

Tachyon Infusion - can infuse tachyons into his blade vastly increasing it's cutting capabilities
Tachyon Generation
Spatial Displacement
Time Travel - 
can send his attacks 30 seconds into the past
Warping Speed
Absolute Speed

Unrestricted Movement: Since the early stages of of Hyde's training his master taught him the art of unrestricted movement. It is said that his master is one of the best in the Hyper Providence because of his physical capabilities in tandem with his vast mastery of unrestricted movement.

 Skills gained from his teachings:

Compensative Activity - The user can auto-correct any actions, movements and attacks they are doing when something goes wrong with what they are doing. For example, if they trip, they flip and land on their feet instead of falling down. If they lose their grip on a swinging bar, they land on their feet regardless of position in the air. If knocked back, they land on their feet and hands and thus recover from being knocked back quickly. If they are sent flying upside down, they can right themselves by rotating to the proper position. If they are fixing something, and are knocked into the air, they can recover and continue fixing before landing without penalty. In other words, the worst of messes become successes in terms of actions
Cooperative Mobility - 
The user can move without being resisted. Users inertia, weight, and all physical forces like gravity and friction cooperate/assist/comply with their movements instead of resisting/opposing them, making movements easier to accomplish
Efficient Movement - 
The user can do any movement or body acceleration with less energy or force than what is usually required to do, going from laying to the ground to standing up quickly much quicker than usual without the normally required forces and energy or do any movement transition or any movement in general whatsoever.
Unconscious Mobility - User can move, fight, act and do tasks, even while they are asleep or unconscious, kind of like sleepwalking. With this, they could drive a car or lift an object if they have a strength as well as cook, despite being asleep or unconscious. They use a special kind of "awareness" that lets them sense things in order to do these kinds of things. Some users may go back to sleep or being unconscious after a fight or task is done.
Instant Acceleration - The user can accelerate, decelerate and/or change directions instantly or at near instantaneous speeds and have an incredible turn rate and turn radius that they can change at anytime. This applies to both rotational and linear acceleration, so this can apply to a wide variety or movements, and can be used for outmaneuvering others in combat or stringing together combat combos quickly.
Solid Maneuverability - User can maneuver perfectly/move gracefully on anything solid, whether vertical, horizontal, upside down, etc. They can roll, spin, climb, swing, slide, run, balance, etc. while on any solid object.
Unfixed Movement - The user can do any movement, regardless of being tied up, chained, imprisoned, sealed, or otherwise being rendered inflexible and not able to move. This can work either by breaking out of bonds, seals and restraints, moving effectively while restrained or bound or just move even when the user is rendered inflexible, and their joints or body cannot move. The user may not be able to do things such as carry things or fight, but they can still move/dodge effectively. The user also cannot be entangled in undergrowth or nets or other similar things.
Supernatural Agility - Users are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally more agile than their race because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level; making them immensely more agile and able to combine their of balance, bodily coordination, speed, reflexes, strength and endurance than normal members of their species 
Supernatural Dexterity - Users are glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally more dexterous than their race because their capabilities are beyond the natural level; making them immensely better at controlling their limbs, muscles, and digits than normal members of their species
Supernatural Reflexes - Users have glaringly, obviously and super/unnaturally superior reaction speed over their race because their capabilities are pushed beyond the natural level, making them able to react faster than normal members of their species
  • Aim Dodging
  • Attack Prediction:
         - Attack Reversal
         - Danger Intuition

Vanishing Gale style: A style of fighting created by Hyde himself. It mainly focuses on going so fast one seems like he vanishes from existence and cutting the opponent while undetected. Over time Hyde started adding various elements to this style to increase the lethality of his attacks as well as create variations of different moves.
  Vanishing Gale style: Vanishing wind - a forward cut after one "vanishes" appearing behind the opponent after attack is done.
  Vanishing Gale style: Vanishing storm - a relentless attack where the user keeps vanishing and attacking indefinitely.
  Vanishing Gale style: Vanishing rain - a follow up after vanishing storm where the user makes the opponent thing they'll keep attacking with vanishing storm but instead follow up at any time with a ultra fast rain of stabs from above
More will be revealed a bit later Shhhhhh...

The empty blade of the underworld, Kamui: His trusty katana he carries on his back gifted to him by the leader of the Hyper Providence himself. it looks like a regular katana however it has a special ability where it draws any element the user desires to the sword's blade allowing the user to use elements around him and further enhance his attacks.
  Kamui: Inverted Void: A command that reverses the dragging of a substance and instead shoots any substance near the blade away

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