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Dark Emperors arc info

The Bios:

The Dark Emperors:

The shadow organization that remained inactive till recently. They are said to be monsters among monsters and reside in a separate dimention, as a result they have always seemed as if they don't even exist. Not much is known about them aside from a few legends and rumors, but they seem to be intent on breaking into the vault of infinite knowlage and find the key to the source wall.

The "Crowns"

These are the abilities held by the dark emperors. Each of these abilities are unique to the user and are said to be powerful enough to take over the universe without any resistance.

The leader of the Dark knights and undoubtably the strongest of them all. He is a being composed of the collective malace, darkness and nightmares of the entire universe. His crown is "nightmare fuel". With this crown he can replicate the one ability that his opponent is most affraid of, however it can be countered by overcoming your fear leaving him without a weapon. since it's not a physical being it can only be dfeated by being sealed.

Dead....well suposed to me dead, except moment's before his death he transfered his entire being to the digital world. Catch? well he is kinda stuck....until akuma reached his lab and gave him his crown. His crown "All being". Allows him to exist outside the body in any realm  space or time even if it's physically impossible to exist in there. This allows him to actually be a part of the dark emperors even when his body was destroyed. With his body gone he dad to use data to make a new body, even tho his old abilities are gone he's still formidable opponent.

The brains of the and the researcher dark emperors. What research is he conducting you ask? Well various ways to get in to the vault of infinite knowlage for once, amongst other things. His crown is "superalloy". This ability allows him to fuse any sort of metal with anything he wishes allowing him to enhance his body like strenghtening his bones, skin etc, he also has a variation of this he calls a worthless alloy where he fuses brittle or weak metals to opponents body making them more suceptable to attacks.

It is unknown why kisaki was recruited, but one thing is sure she is the most annoying of the dark emperors. She is an annoying stuck up bitch that you wanna beat to a bluddy pulp the moment she opens her mouth. She doesn't seem to play any big role in the grou either, even her motivation for sticking around is basically just to live in luxury and do whatever the fuck she wants. Her crown is "queens wish". It allows her to turn inanimate objects into monsters 5 times her strenght and comand them at will. She is the weakest of the dark emperors.

The Devil servants

These are the servants chosen by the dark emperors to do things outside of the dimension they reside in. each dark emperor gets one servant and that servant is to follow their master without question.

The "Hands"

The servant's come with their own abilities called the "Hands". They aren't as powerful as their masters but are still moderatly dangerous.

The devil servant belonging to kisaki. He acts and behaves buch like a crazy imp and is similar in apparence too. His hand is "the hand of glitter". Can shoot glitter like stuff and what ever it touches turns to light and scatters.

The devil servant belonging to Mitoshi. He mostly just helps out as an assistan but is sometimes sent for other tasks as well. He seems like the calm and collected type but doesn't shy away from calling people out for being idiots. His hand"the hand of deadeye" can gain the properties of whatever objet he looks at as long as the properties are visualy obvious.

The devil servant belonging to Aizawa. He seems like one of the nicer guys from the whole organisation, yet tends to be really fucking smug in battle. His hand is "the hand of a human". this abilty allows him to controll a persons senses to a degree. he cant completely control what the person sees, smells, hears etc. but he can increase or decrease their finctionality or shut them off completely. This ability cannot control the ability to sense energy.

The devil servant belonging to Akuma. He is the most powerful and the most ruthless of the devil servants. This is guy is the get job done by any means kind of guy. Regardles he is not to be fucked with. His hand is "the hand of the tyrant". This ability allows him to drain life force from his surroundings to increase his own strenght.

Script for the major events to happen:

Opening act:
  • Kiku attacks general's house and blows it up
  • Kiku get's beaten to death by Aaron 
  • Kanjiru get's beaten down by Garron and reveals he's just sent here by someone else and mentions the dark emperors
  • investigation begins
Mid point:
  • the four warriors(not decided yet) find out the location of the Dark emperors and head out there
  • they go through a bunch of obstacles 
  • face off against shihai and Miru and win
  • are briefly holted by one of the dark emperors

  • all four reach a branching coridor and decide that all of them will take their own separate branch
  • individual face offs (to be decided later with the exception of aizawa whi fights garron)
  • Aizawa lives and turns to the good side
  • kisaki dies a horrible death after a moderatelly chalenging fight
  • Mitoshi dies after a very difficult fight.
  • Akuma gets sealed inside the moon after a long and hard battle

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