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Post 10 year space exploration gains


after traveling the entire universe and visiting some of the ones close by his power became known to all the races in the universe. He's feared and reviered because of that power, so much so that people started refering to garron as emperor or lord.



DC: small galaxy level
Speed: x1500 FTL
Durability: small galaxy level


during his continuous training Garron managed to summon a keshin - a concentration of his power to the point where it appears as some sort of creature.
Keshin name: Great warbringer Chaos
Stat boost:
DC: large galaxy level
Speed: x15000 FTL
Durability: large galaxy level

keshin armed:

by concentrating even more on your power it is possible to wear keshin as an armor:
DC: Multi galaxy level
Speed: x2000000 FTL
Durability: Muti galaxy

True war god release

This form is a combination of the warbringers gem, athena gem, god ki and a whole lot of hellish training.
DC: Quadrant level
Speed: x574000000000 FTL
Durability: Quadrant level


Fire manipulation and fire based abilities
-Curent fire strengh is able to vaporise kachink
-Curent fire is able to damage opponents at astral realm
-Fire dragon slayer magic: A powerful magic created to slay the dragons.
-Fire dragon king mode: after being sent through a time rift to the time when dragons existed on earth he met igneel. A lot of shit happened and they became friends. Now igneel lives inside of Garren and provides him with his own magical energy...and company.
-Solid fire: ability to create fire that works as a solid material yet still retains qualities of a flame.
-fire fusion: ability to fuse fire to any already pre existing element as long as it's around the user

lightning manipulation and lightning based abilities

-Curent lightning strengh is the energy output of a large galaxy
-Lightningshifting: ability to turn your body into lightning gaining intangibility while in that state
-Weighted Words: Can highjack oponents electrical signals from the muscles to control their movements

other techniques, powers, skills

-necromancy: is able to raise the dead from the ground and control them.
-rhythm manipulation: can change his rhythm 3560 times a minute making every mve he makes completely inpredictable
-Dance if the fireflies: A technique where a user spawns a punch of small spheres reminicent of fire flies made of anything the user wishes. There's 3 versions: hyper mass version where the spheres are a bunch of extremely heavy rocks, the regular version where the sphere's are made of fire and destruction energy version where the spheres are made of energy of destruction.
-Energy of destruction or hakai energy, whichever you prefer
-Kankara formula: allows the user to manipulate all phenomenon with calculations and such.
-Hax resistance
-Existance erasure resistance
-Fire immunity
-Electricity immunity
-High speed regeneration
- Devil Style: Devil Style nullifies any coincidence. The skill prevents the whims of fate from interfering with a battle.
- Parasite seeing: lets you see the world through other peoples eyes both figuretivelly and literally.

Signature technique

Zero Phase:

This ability allows to erase your own existence to selected targets. The target could be anything: an opponents hand, a special move, or even a leaf or a rock or a wall etc. as a result attacks made using the selected target have no effect since the user technically doesn't exist to the target.

Zero phase: Zero legacy
A variation of zero phase where the user erases himself from a target's chosen long-term memories or completely vanish from target's short-term memory.

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