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explaining all the different things Garron can do with evolution energy

Since this is a type of energy that can do a broad variety of things some of the things possible can be interpreted as an ass pull therefore i'm making this section to explain all the things Garron can do with the energy of evolution. I will be taking screenshots of this incase there are those who haven't read this to inform a person that an action is valid.

The basic definition of evolution energy

The energy of evolution is the energy that controls various evolutionary processes.

The various things evolution evergy can do include:

Users can reverse evolution by influencing the bodily functions and the genome and reverse the process causing the organism to revert back to its very early state (Ex. Humans return to being cells). The user can even cause other beings who have Evolution powers to devolve as well back to their original forms thus no longer able to use those powers.

-Potential Realization:
The user can bring out the hidden potential/talents of themselves and/or others, including special abilities.

User can enhance themselves and others via accelerated the evolution process by triggering a bodily recovery system, restructuring their genome and upgrading to a better physical form. Upgrading can lead to new physical changes and enhancements or perhaps extra parts, natural armor or weapons. High end wielders of this ability can control the very flow and essence of all progressive evolutions. Garron used this ability to evolve himself to be able to handle various energies he normaly shouldnt be able to like god of destruction energy.

-Growth Manipulation:
User can manipulate all forms of growth, including physical, spiritual, mental, conceptual, biological/organic, etc. They can increase, decrease, transfer, revert, invert, negate, the growth of anything, including of beings, powers, elements, concepts, etc.

The user can forward anything and/or everything to a future or end state, they can weaken their opponents or strengthen in different aspects by causing progression such as weakening/strengthen their powers, their physical capabilities, forwarding their age, bringing forward to their future memories. The user could also move body parts or cells far enough to the end of its cell division cycle there by ending the cells, organ, things life.

-Self-Power Augmentation:
User is able to empower their existing powers to higher levels, if not highest possible levels.

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