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The full bio on Garron Bael


Name: Garron Bael

Alias: Emperor of power, Monster crusher, Zeek Garronmon

Race: Devil

Mentality: Abnormal

Age: 56

Gender: Male


Created by Aizawa To be the pinacle of power was originaly suposed to take his place should anything happen to him however due to Aizawa's untimely death Garron was released to this world without seeing his creator. Enraged he started a rampage until the Royal knights came to subdue him. Garron managed to beat down for of them before Alphamon finaly came in and put him down weeell kinda turns out he hit the center of his power so hard it actualy cused him to be sent to earth through the rift in space and his core to shatter and scatter through out the universe and earth as gems making him fodder in the process. 


He looks nothing like you would expect from an artificial entity. His face looks youthful almost making you think he's a teen or something, He has long blond hair tied in a pony tail and sky blue eyes. Nowadays he usually walks around in his casual outfit - 

Powers and Abilities:

After being revived as a devil garron has lost his former hights however it took currently unknown value (will be edited once revealed) mutation piece to revive him. Much of his potential still rest with in him to be unlocked through training and combat.

Base stats:

DC: planet level
Speed: Massively hypersonic
Durability: planet level

Base skills:

Analitical genious: with just one glance he can tell that persons physical abilities, biological make up, race etc. 

Unfathomable genius: After transforming his intelligence reached god like proportions to the point where he can appears like he knows everything

Sacred gear: Anomaly forge

This ability allows garron to create abilities from his own imagination. The power and range of the abilities he can create rests solely on his magical and physical prowess.
Since this is an ability making ability I'll have to do things a bit differently. I will not be writing down every single separate ability, instead i will do it in ranges and generalizations of abilities. So far the cap is planetary.

Planetary range:

physics manipulation techniques
elemental ability creation and mastery
various sensory abilities
non natural manipulations and mastery like steel, concrete etc. 
vision enhancing abilities 
matter creation: Planetary range
body modification abilities 
stealing, collecting abilities
perfect analysis abilities
illusionary and counter illusionary abilities and mastery
disguise, concealment abilities
Various energy creation/replication
Various barrier and defense focused abilities
Various transportation and high speed movement abilities
Various healing abilities 

Solar system range:

Various cosmic abilities
Mythical element control
Mythical weapon summoning
Mythical beast summoning
High level devil magic
Various absorption abilities
Various deletion abilities: limited to inorganic matter
Matter creation: solar system range

misc abilities:
Soul access: The ability to borrow the powers of people you formed bonds of friendship with

Evolution gear: 
Artificial sacred gear that was modified to be a gauntlet. Houses the pyrus fusion dragonoid (or drago for short) which is powerful enough to be the dragon king. The gears ability, provided by drago, is evolution. The ability allows the user to temporarily become stronger than the opponents latest attack. Right now it takes 30 seconds before every evolution and should it be overtaxed it will reset.
Balance breaker - dragon knight's fusion scale mail: 
The balance breaker for this gear functions similarly to issei's or Vali's, increasing physical stats while letting garron evolve past opponents current attack instantly upon contact and keep doing it until it's overtaxed.

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